7 Helpful Tips To Choose A Great Theme On Themeforest Marketplace

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Choosing the right theme is very important when creating a website. Fortunately, there are thousands of WordPress themes on the market suited for any type of website; however, the innumerable choices make it difficult to choose the right theme.

What is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest marketplace is a part of the Envato Market family. It is a popular WordPress marketplace or directory to find a host of themes in different categories ranging from CMS themes to WordPress themes, eCommerce to blogging, PSD templates to muse templates, etc.

Choosing a great theme on ThemeForest marketplace can be tricky and sometimes challenging; this is why we have compiled a list of seven tips to ease the process for you. Read on!

1.     Finding a suitable theme

Unless you want to scroll past over 10, 000 themes, you want to use ThemeForest’s advance search feature. Using this feature is recommended as it contains many filters that will streamline the results. You can easily choose a theme by selecting “best match”, “best sellers”, “newest”, “best rated”, “trending” or “price” filters. You will not only save time using search filters, but you’ll find results that will suit your need.

2.     Theme rating

Rating is very important in any e-commerce website. Ratings [from 1 star to 5 stars] are given by different buyers who have purchased and used a particular product. Themes with the highest rating signify a high-quality product. We recommend that you choose a theme with a minimum of 4.5 stars.

3.     Number of sales

It is not enough for a theme to have at least 4.5 stars; it must also have a minimum of 10 reviews. This implies that at least 10 different people have tried the theme and are satisfied with the product.

4.     Support

You can be a professional and still need help. Whether you are a pro or a novice, a line of code can go wrong [undetected] and you’ll be left on your own. When choosing a theme on ThemeForest marketplace, make sure you opt for one that comes with technical support. During the period [usually 6 months], the technical theme crew will be on hand to provide support and answers for any questions.

5.     Buy only tested themes

WordPress recommends that every theme is tested to meet WordPress standards. Before purchasing any theme on ThemeForest marketplace, ensure that it has undergone test processes by the WordPress review team. This affirms the legitimacy of the theme.

6.     When the theme was last updated

Updates are very important for both themes and plugins alike. They protect a user from security problems. As such, you should decide on a theme that receives regular updates – no farther than 6 months. It’s easy to know: when you visit ThemeForest marketplace, you will see the “Last Updated” date at the right sidebar of the theme you want to purchase.

7.     Try a demo

At this stage, you must have settled on a theme. Before clicking the buy button, you want to view and have a feel of what the theme claims to offer. Take your time to check different pages to have the first-hand experience of what you are buying.

Choosing the right theme is an important task that ought to be cautiously carried out. The above tips will help you make the right choice for your new or existing website.

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