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1. What kind of information do we collect?

When users use our subscription services to reach our webpages, we collect their email information. Users get free information without providing any personal information but when they subscribe to our services, then we request you to share your personal information with us and we also collect the navigational information.

Personal information is the information that is voluntarily shared by the visitors and that identifies as a person. This generally includes information about a person, content information, company name, profession, email address, and other information related to the business.

Navigational information includes information about the computer you are using, IP address, and browser information. Your geographical location and the length of visit etc is also collected by us.

Sensitive information is also sometimes collected by us that includes the information related to the payments, credit cards or debit cards, and the social security information or the health and financial information.

We also collect some information from the third party sources with which we offer co-branded services or sources like social media that helps you to stay connected with us.

2. What do we do with the information collected

The information collected by us is never used for the wrong purpose or some illegal purpose. We never sell the information to any third party and there is no threat of data breach with our protected and encrypted server and database.

The personal information collected by us is used for the:

Also, the information can be used for contacting you on behalf of the external business partners. Even in such cases, we do not share your personal information with any third party.

The navigational information is used for operating and improving the websites and helps in providing better interaction. The information can be used to provide you with the content as per the local time zones and local trends.

3. Cookies

We use cookies for the analysis of the trends and administering the website. It helps us to track the movements of the user all around the website and helps in gathering other demographics. To know more about how we manage our cookies, go through our cookies policy and know about the information in detail.

We also use the adobe flash player and similar other technologies to remember the settings and the preferences made by a visitor. we do not use the flash cookies.

The visitors and customers of our websites can make use of the tools that we provide as well as the tools provided by third parties. We do not collect any information from these tools.

We partner with the third party as a network for display advertising or site management purposes. Our network partner might be collecting the information about the activities and provide you with the targeted advertising based on your interests. Visitors can opt out for the services if they want to. For any queries regarding our disclaimer or other policies, you may contact us. Our team will help you and guide you through the best possible solution for you in the shortest time.