Getting New RSS Subscribers For Your Blog: How to do it

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Getting New RSS Subscribers For Your Blog: How to do it

As a blogger, one relevant term you should know and properly understand is ‘RSS Feed.’ RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows readers to keep track of updates to your website using any feed reader. That is, using RSS feed, once a reader bookmarks your website, they are notified of all updates on your site without having to open the website.

Blog subscribers are vital to the growth of any blog as they improve your RSS feed, in turn growing your blog traffic. The more RSS subscribers to your blog, the more clicks you get on a post; this is why you should put more effort into getting new RSS subscribers for your blog. Here are five effective tips to get new RSS subscribers for your blog:

  • RSS Subscription Placement

One tip to get new RSS subscribers for your blog is to place the RSS subscription icon properly. Proper placement of the RSS subscription icon makes it easier for blog readers to subscribe. One mistake many blogs often make is to keep their RSS feed link too far down a page.

Like other ads and promotions, the higher your RSS subscription icon is placed on a page, the more attention it would get. The best placement for the RSS subscription icon is either at the top of the page or the end of a post. Some bloggers prefer to use the sidebar of the page, which is a common and effective placement.

  • An Exciting Blog Description and About Page

Another effective tip to get new RSS subscribers to your blog is to have a brief but catchy description of your blog. This description informs your readers of all they need to know about your blog, keeping them engaged, and prompting them to subscribe.

With a catchy and informative description, readers are more enticed into connecting with your blog.

  • An Email Subscription Form

Email subscription is another common way to grow your blog’s RSS subscribers. A clear email subscription box placed either on the sidebar or at the top/bottom of the page effectively increases your blog’s RSS subscribers.

These emails include an RSS subscription option, allowing readers to read on your blog’s updates and posts from their mailbox.

  • High-Quality Blog Posts

Readers are more excited to keep up with your blog when they are satisfied with your content. This is why you should ensure to deliver detailed, well researched, and attention-grabbing blog posts.

Satisfying your subscribers with great content would keep them subscribed to your blog and also attract new RSS subscribers.

  • Consider Guest Blogging

While trying to get new RSS subscribers, you should consider using guest blogging by submitting guest posts to other popular blogs; you can also add a way for readers to subscribe to your blog RSS.

Make sure to follow the guidelines created by the owner of the blog while using guest blogging.

To Wrap It Up

These are effective, proven tips to increasing the RSS subscribers to your blog. They will not only improve your blog traffic but also help you with producing better content.

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