How To Identify & Fix Content Cannibalization Issue

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How To Identify & Fix Content Cannibalization Issue

Keyword Cannibalization is the situation occurs when the same keywords are used with more than one URLs. This is one of the SEO buzzwords that should be detected on time. Keyword Cannibalization can negatively impact your site by reducing the effectiveness, dividing the force, and confusing Google and the users of your site. If your main focus is to know what is Keyword Cannibalization, how it is identified, and how you can fix it? This article is for you!

We have found a great misconception among people that using the same keyword for many pages/ posts will rank their website high. Do you think, when you have more pages of the same niche with the same keywords, Google will pick up the keywords and raise your SERP? You are wrong. It means you are also a part of this misconception.

If you are targeted the same thing at different pages, you are going the wrong way. When you try to use the same keywords for many posts/pages, it means you are your competitor. In this situation, each page will face lower conversion rates and the authority will start to diminish. don’t do that, it will lead to Keyword Cannibalization.

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Keyword Cannibalization: How to detect and fix it for boosting SEO?

When a single website will target the same keywords for multiple pages and posts, Keyword Cannibalization will occur. If your website contains more than one page, you will prefer to rank both pages with the same keywords? This point of view seems to be normal, but this could be problematic? Let us discuss:

According to SEOs, this can confuse Google. It becomes difficult for Google to decide which page needs to rank. As a result, Google will unable to rank any of the pages. If you are facing the same situation, let us inform you of the ways to identify and fix Keyword Cannibalization.

Ways to identify and fix Keyword Cannibalization

Merging the content

If you have made more than one page for the same thing I-e if your niche is the same, try to merge the content. The subcategories of a page should be merged with the original page.

We can’t say, this strategy can work for all situations but we believe, it will help Google to easily rank the page of your website. This technique will enhance SEO optimization of your website.

Removing keywords

Removal of keywords is the best option where the keyword’s presence is not critical while maintaining a specific content for some other reasons. Remember! This technique is much simple to get the required results.

Delete content

It is difficult to think about deleting your content. But we suggest you delete the unnecessary content of your website. There is no benefit of keeping irrelevant content on your website. If your business has grown, and find the previous content less professional, get rid of the previous content by deleting it. Try to update your personal blog post by finding the right keywords to rank your website high. Removal of unnecessary content will increase the website’s speed. Delete the content whose presence doesn’t affect your website.

Manage internal linking

Internal links of the website should be managed with time. In Google Search Engine, internal linking has a prominent role. Google will start ranking your website high if you have linked to one page with another piece of webpage.

If the particular content of your website is not getting much importance, add and change internal linking. It will help to prioritize and highlight your desired content. This act is the best way to send a signal to the search engine results page (SERP) to identify this part needs to prioritize. Knowing the right use of SERP is the ultimate way of ranking your website.

Use canonicalize technique

This technique works well when you need to keep both pages with the same keywords. Canoncilize is used to identify duplication. It will help google to find out which pages need to prioritize. Canonical tags are used to identify which pages are in need to be indexed.

Change the inbound link requests

Inbound linking means how many outsiders have linked backed with your content. Sometimes, you will notice a prominent change on your site. Your new content will not get the desired priority in Google Search. In this situation, you can track the backlinks and contact the webmasters to remove the links. In the ideal situation, they will exchange the old links with the new one to get the required priority. We believe, managing inbound linking correctly will strengthen your Website’s SEO.

What is the right time to fix Keyword Cannibalization?

Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization can be tricky. But it is essential. We suggest you avoid it in the first place because with the passage of time, fixing it will be a big problem. But don’t worry. We have found an easy trick for you to eliminate this issue.

Steps to follow:
  1. Go to Google and type “site:search+your target keyword” like this one:
  1. After typing the result. If you will find the targeted keyword being used already, try finding a new targeted keyword for your new page/post.

Final thought: how fixing Keyword Cannibalization is helpful in the website’s SEO?

Nowadays, Keyword Cannibalization has become a hot topic to discuss. Different SEOs have different perceptions about it. Some have declared it as a big issue but some of them are not agreed with the concept. According to us, anyhow, it is an issue and should be eliminated.

You must learn how to use keywords appropriately to get rid of Keyword Cannibalization. Keep in mind! Your website content has a prominent impact on ranking. Keyword Cannibalization should be eliminated on time to make your content getting desired attention and ranking.
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