How to Start a YouTube Channel For Grow Your Business & Brand?

With vlogging gaining popularity these days, a lot of tech-savvy people are thrilled by the idea of starting their own YouTube channel. Not only is it fun, but it also has the potential to turn a person into a famous online personality with many added benefits like interacting with new people while earning a pretty decent income from it. 

This is why I am here at your disposal guiding you on how to start a YouTube channel of your own, as this is how I did it. 

Video reigns in almost every sphere of life. As per the latest statistics by Oberlo

  • There are around 2.3 billion monthly active YouTube users worldwide
  • Around 79% of the Internet users have a YouTube account 
  • 62% of businesses use YouTube as a medium to post videos for marketing purposes
  • Around 1 billion people watch videos on YouTube on a daily basis

So, this article talks about starting a YouTube channel in 2021 and making money out of it. If you want to gain a substantial amount of followers or post authentic content on your channel that attracts a good number of likes and views, you need to do more than just contribute to your YouTube channel.

It took a lot of my efforts and time when I first decided to make a YouTube channel. So, you must know what goes into making the entire process a successful one. You need to outline a strategy. 

Necessary Things to Consider when Starting a YouTube Channel

Before we delve into the tips, let’s discuss the important things to consider when creating a Youtube channel:

1. Determine your target audience


Consider the target audience you wish to reach through your channel. Does your target audience prefer watching videos? Do they even use YouTube? Or any other video hosting platform

You can opt for YouTube as a social media networking platform or you can just use it as a video hosting platform, and have it embed on your website. The choice is yours. 

2. What necessary tools & skills do you require? 

YouTube is empowering in its way of producing video content. All you need to have is a smartphone with a good camera as we are living in a mobile era. Besides, I invested in a good-quality microphone, a ring light, and a tripod stand to shoot flawlessly. 

Talking about skills, you can be a little tech-savvy, patient, motivated, and most importantly, creative. 

3. Which video assets do you already possess? 

If you already have some video content for a topic you wish to post, you can definitely use it. However, creating something fresh will help you get more selective about the themes and topics you pick. 

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How To Start Your Own YouTube Channel?

Let’s walk you through the steps that I duly followed for creating my Youtube channel. 

Step 1 – Activate your YouTube Channel

If you already have a Google account, you can use it to sign in to YouTube. Once you have logged in, pick the channel you want in the top-right corner. You will be asked to make a personal or business account.

Choose your business’ name or any other name to make your brand account, so that it can be easily accessed by your company employees/partners, etc. Enter your brand/company name as the name of your channel. 

Step 2 – Choose your Channel Art

Your Channel Art is the background image that you provide for your channel. You can pick any image and can change it anytime as per your convenience. 

Make sure you upload a high-resolution picture that goes well with your logo and brand identity. I used my company’s logo for the channel icon. 

Step 3 – Customize your YouTube Channel

  1. Select the Customize your channel option, click on the About tab.

2. Under this tab, you can write a description of your brand/business, while mentioning the location and email address.

3. Also, you can attach links to your various social media accounts as well as the website.

4. Additionally, you can select other YouTube channels that you would prefer your audience to check out when they see your channel. These channels are called Featured channels. 

Step 4 – Post the first video

Once you’re done with the above steps, you need to upload your video. For uploading your video content, click on the Create option on the top-right side of your screen. When the uploading is finished, you can write a description of your video. 

Be careful while you upload. The interface also lets users edit their videos once they’re done uploading. 

You can blur, trim, add audio, etc to your videos once these have been uploaded to your YouTube channel. 

YouTube also allows you to create a live video. You just have to click on the ‘Live’ button. However, creating live videos may require some planning.

Step 5 – Make a Trailer 

When people visit your YouTube channel, they will come across a featured video. It’s up to you to pick & determine which video or trailer you want them to see. You can also create an entirely separate trailer for your channel. 

I created a trailer welcoming my audience and mentioning what they would find on my channel. Besides, you can produce different trailers for your existing audience, and those who have been already introduced to your channel as they might respond differently to different video content. 

Step 6 – Give a Shout Out to your YouTube Channel 

There are few social media management tools that can be used to manage your YouTube channel along with your social networking accounts. This allows you to integrate your video content into a broader content schedule.

Social media tools work excellently in communicating about your YouTube channel across other channels. Therefore, you can promote your channel too, and build your subscriber base. 

I began with email newsletters while I also created social media posts with embedded videos for various social platforms.

You can also partner with other YouTube channels and conduct social media advertising campaigns to increase your followers. 

It’s not possible to grow a YouTube channel organically, as gaining likes and subscribers don’t happen naturally like other social media platforms. Therefore, it requires a continuous effort to build a community on YouTube. 

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Here’s How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners 

As a beginner, you must follow these tips while you decide to create a YouTube channel of your own. 

Find a Good Audio & Video Equipment

Having crisp & clear audio is very important. After all, this will make your video stand out from the crowd. I suggest you buy good-quality equipment so that you have a successful YouTube career. 

If you’re wondering what’s best to shoot a video for your YouTube channel, using a smartphone is a good idea. But, if you really wish to make an impression on your viewers, invest in the right equipment. A lot of YouTubers use DSLRs or mirrorless cameras as well as other accessories including tripods, lenses, and lighting sources. 

If you’re vlogging regularly, opt for a mirrorless or action camera along with a handheld gimbal stabilizer or a monopod. 

Using a good vlogging camera may not be everything. This means lighting and audio quality cannot be ignored, and your audience may lose interest in the videos after watching the first few seconds themselves. 

Buy a good microphone that can be mounted on your camera. Besides, keep a check on your recording conditions and keep monitoring the clarity of your audio so that it’s audible enough. 

The best thing is to invest in a shotgun microphone that picks up sound usually from the front, so noise from the sides as well as behind gets canceled. Many bloggers also buy multiple microphones for various recording conditions. For example – a lavalier microphone is suitable for capturing fitness videos or any video that needs the subject to be far away from the camera, or even a good condenser microphone may also work. 

Opt for a simple video editing software

If you are a beginner at video editing too, you must start with simple video editing software. If you begin with much-advanced editing software, you’ll be struggling with it, and it may take a lot more time to learn than expected.

So, go for a simpler editing program like Apple iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, as these are simple to use and free to download too.  

How To Create Impressionable Content For Your YouTube Channel?

  • Plan It Well 

Before starting a YouTube channel, you must have picked your niche and the type of video content you want to show to your audience. The most effective way to increase your subscribers and views is by creating engaging & interesting content. If it’s more relatable, it’ll be more watchable.  

Planning your content also helps to stick to your niche/topic. For example, a lot of successful YouTubers run channels dedicated to beauty & skincare, lifestyle, travel, etc. people live through something they watch, so make sure you create interesting content and inform them about the type of content they can expect. 

  • Look for Inspiration 

It can be quite challenging to come up with fresh content ideas every time that matches the hype of my first few videos. You need not worry about it. Even popular YouTubers face this issue once in a while. The secret lies in finding the right inspiration even when you’re aren’t shooting. Note down your ideas. Take a look at other videos and take ideas from them. 

Avoid comparing your YouTube channel with those of others. As long as you like your ideas and enjoy what you come up with, your viewers will love your content and this will pique interest among them. Do not miss any chance of improving and evolving your craft. 

Tips to Find YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners 

I came up with a lot of content topic questions in my mind. And I thought about various topics that people might want to learn about or even I would wish to know about. Then, I came to the conclusion that ‘How-To’ videos are the most sought-after type of video content on YouTube. How-to videos allow you to teach or instruct your viewers about a topic. 

  • Make Each Second Count 

It is very important to create quality videos and remove any irrelevant or unnecessary points in order to make your videos better. This means that you need to be selective about the clips you wish to include in your final video. Keep your best shots in the video to make it crisp & interesting and engage your audience till the end. 

Once you’ve generated your following, you can include those artsy clips in your videos. However, always remember to think from the viewer’s perspective and produce what you want to watch. 

Ways To Market Your YouTube Channel

Planning, creating, editing, and uploading your videos on your YouTube channel is just the beginning. The next most important thing is to effectively market your Youtube channel in order to build a good & loyal following which will eventually lead to a successful journey. 

Here are few tips to market your YouTube channel: 

  • Optimizing your videos for SEO purposes 

Give your video content more visibility by optimizing it so that it ranks well on YouTube. As soon as you’re done uploading your video, write a clear & descriptive title for it which the users can type on the search bar. Make sure you include an important keyword or keyphrase in the title. For example, ‘Maldives Anniversary Vlog 2019’ is better than ‘Maldives Here We Come’. 

Additionally, include relevant tags so that your video can come under multiple relevant categories. To clear any doubts regarding this, you can see what tags are being used by other similar blogs or videos. 

Finally, write a clear & catchy description consisting of around 200 words including target keywords/keyphrases as well as long-tail keywords. It will help your audience to find your videos easily on YouTube and most importantly it will boost your search engine rankings

  • Build a Community on Social Media

YouTube may not be like a hardcore social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, but it can be used for sharing, connecting, and collaborating with people. Therefore, to be successful, you must put effort into building your network. 

This becomes critical especially for the YouTube community as collaborations among YouTubers prove beneficial and help a channel grow by gaining new followers. Consequently, it helps collaborators get exposure among each other’s subscribers. 

Create a harmonious relationship with other creators, and try to contact bigger YouTubers for a collaboration. You will be intimidated initially by all this, but better give it a try. 

  • Interact with your audience

As time passes, you will gain a considerable amount of subscribers and comments on your content. You will receive messages on your social media accounts, along with emails too. So, try to connect with your audience. 

Your social media profiles are an extension of your YouTube channel, so make sure you share parts of your daily routine on social media. Try to reply to each comment, tweet or messages you receive. 

Interaction is important as it will help your subscribers learn about you while fostering a sense of community and trust among them. Just liking the videos that you upload is not enough. Your audience must also appreciate their overall experience on your YouTube channel. 

Moreover, it also inspires you for your next video. And to say the least, interaction will inspire you to not give up and sustain your channel despite the difficulties you face. 

  • Post videos regularly

This is a very important thing to focus on when starting a YouTube channel. Be consistent with your posts. No matter how imperfect you think your content is, make sure you keep uploading regularly. 

Many YouTubers upload videos once or twice a week and tell their viewers about their schedule & timing. This way their audience knows when to check it out. 

I always made it a point to post regularly and this is how I maintained my audience after I gained a substantial amount of subscribers. Once you are able to find out a convenient schedule, make sure you stick to it. 

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How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel? 

The goal is not just to increase your YouTube subscribers, but also to make an income out of it. There are many ways to earn revenue through a YouTube channel. You can produce videos to earn more money while also using your existing video content in new ways. 

Following are the ways to make money through your existing posts: 

  • Opt for AdSense to gain revenue
  • Create sponsored content by collaborating with brands & companies to make income through your followers
  • Create video content as a YouTube Partner
  • Sell merchandise associated with your videos
  • License the video content which you create for sponsors & businesses
  • Organize a crowdfunding campaign
  • Get directly paid from your followers and fans with different apps 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to start my own youtube channel? 

If you’re planning to start your own YouTube channel, here’s what you must consider: 

  • Determine your niche/topic on which you want to create videos
  • Determine your target audience & what they would prefer to watch on your channel
  • What are the necessary equipment, software or tools that you would require? 
  • What video assets or footage do you already have to upload on your channel? 

2. How do I set up a youtube channel?

Wondering how to set up your own YouTube channel, here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Step 1 – Sign in to YouTube using a Google account. 
  • Step 2 – Provide a Channel Art for your channel
  • Step 3 – Click on Create a Channel
  • Step 4 – Pick a custom name for your YouTube channel or use one associated with your email address
  • Step 5 – Add a description of your channel in the About section
  • Step 6 – Customize your channel by uploading a profile picture
  • Step 7 – Upload the first video on your channel
  • Step 8 – Enter more details in your profile. Add Playlists, as well as link your social media accounts. 

3. How much does it cost to start a YouTube channel? 

Creating a channel on YouTube is absolutely free. However, the part that requires money is creating the content including buying equipment for shooting the content. Though, purchasing the right equipment is a one-time investment.  

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Video is the most effective type of communication whether it’s for business or personal purposes. Besides various social media sites, YouTube empowers people to get their ideas or message across billions of people. This is why most of the creators are turning to YouTube to make money. 

Starting a YouTube channel can be a viable step towards incorporating video as part of your business communication. I hope this guide helps you well in making a YouTube channel of your own.