6 Social Media Video Stats to Keep an Eye On in 2021

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Social Media Video Stats 2021:

In this blog, you will know everything about the most important Social Media Video Stats 2021. As the year’s pass, digital marketing demands more & better innovations. So, marketers need to develop a better content marketing strategy in order to increase their brand’s visibility. And videos come out as a winner in this respect. 

The most effective content strategy in 2020 was definitely video content. With an outburst of online crowds on social media, video has become more important than ever as a marketing strategy. The past few years have witnessed the evolution of video content as a profitable way of engaging and entertaining social media users while getting them more involved with a brand. 

Keeping all of this in mind, we have gathered a few statistics that you must take note of while practicing video marketing on social media platforms in the year 2021. 6 Social Media Video Stats 2021.

1. Video Influences the Purchase Decision 

Video Influences

The question that comes to everyone’s mind is – Is video worth all the hype? The answer is certainly yes. Though producing top-quality video content can be costly & time-consuming. So, before we dive into using videos as a marketing tool, it’s important to know whether it actually helps or not. So, let’s take a look at some statistics: 

  • 60% of brands or businesses use video content for marketing purposes
  • 50% of marketers have practiced video marketing for more than a year
  • 36% of marketers create videos a few times per week, and 14% make videos on a daily basis
  • 94% of marketers who practice video marketing plan to continue doing it

Videos is also regarded as a key requisite for applications and software services, where 8 out of 10 consumers make a purchase decision after watching a video. 

This signifies that a part of your video marketing strategy must give out a detailed explanation of products and services. To achieve this, product demos work really well where they offer live stream presentations showing how a product works & its uses. 

But more educational content such as animated explainer videos can also be used to educate a viewer about a product while arousing their interest in it. 

2. Completion Rates 

Producing enticing video content can be quite overwhelming & intimidating for the marketers initially, as it requires extra efforts and resources. However, if you study the trends of the past few years, you will notice that simple & brief videos gain more popularity among the viewers. 

Completion Rate

In 2020, B2B videos of one-minute or lesser duration had a completion rate of 68% last year. Whereas, 20-minute or longer videos were viewed less till the end, and had a completion rate of just 25%. 

Check out these statistics: 

  • 61% of marketers consider video as a ‘very important or extremely important’ way of marketing strategy
  • 30% of marketers consider video content as a more vital part of their marketing strategy than their brand’s website
  • 74% of marketers believe that video content offers more return on investment than images
  • 68% of marketers believe that video marketing offers more return on investment than Google Ads

A video-centric marketing strategy will never be a waste for your business promotion. As it is clear that viewers prefer shorter videos, you can follow this parameter while you practice video marketing. Plus you can repurpose your videos at other places while keeping them updated as well. Use them as below mentioned: 

  • Post videos as Instagram Reels as well as on TikTok
  • Create short clips for ads and trailers
  • Re-sharing it time & again as Stories 
  • Create attractive GIFs with the best parts of the videos 

3. YouTube is the Best Place for Educational Videos 

You should also create other types of video content in order to build your audience’s interest as promotional videos shouldn’t always be used to lure in customers. You can use video editing software to make youtube videos. YouTube earns the best ROI for video content, as compared to Instagram & Facebook. This video-sharing platform works exceptionally well for educational videos. 

Here are few important facts to know: 

  • Youtube ranks second in terms of popularity after Google
  • More than 1 billion hours of videos are watched daily by the users on YouTube
  • Around 65% of users take help from YouTube to solve a problem
  • There are over 1.9 billion people who use YouTube. That accounts for over 1/3rd of the total internet population. 
  • Currently, YouTube has approximately 23, 946, 561 subscribers worldwide
  • A 7-year old kid is the highest earner of YouTube who made $22 million last year

Around 86% of the users from the U.S. use Youtube to learn various things. With YouTube channels such as MasterClass, Tasty, etc, it is easy to gain knowledge about anyone who is keen to learn something new. 

Therefore, it signifies that as a marketer you must create How-To videos and include them in your content marketing strategy. These types of videos attract a lot of traffic as it focuses on educating the viewers through a step-by-step guide in a quick & easy manner. 

Usually, How-To videos are used to demonstrate the task at hand; you can put them to use for displaying the solution. So, marketers mustn’t miss any opportunities of showcasing their product and informing the consumers about its uses & benefits. 

Essence Studios explains how you can use premium video content in your marketing strategy to attract potential customers. 

4. Mobile Views Rule Social Media 

A huge portion of video consumption takes place through smartphones & other mobile devices. To be precise: 

  • 75% of the total video content is watched on mobile devices
  • On YouTube, over 70% of total video consumption occurs through mobile phones
  • Social media users are 1.5 times more likely to watch a Facebook video on their smartphone 
  • Around 90% of Twitter videos are watched on mobile devices
  • As per Wordstream, 92% of viewers watching videos on mobile devices are likely to share it with others
  • Social media posts with video content have 48% more engagement or views
  • Lastly, mobile video ad spend is estimated to be around 72% of the total money spent on digital advertising this year

As desktop computers have slowly paved the way for mobile devices, social media users find it much easier to view video content from different applications. This means that while you edit your video to make it more crisp & compelling for the user, you must ensure that you convert it into mobile formats of the platforms where you wish to upload it. 

Here are few key points to take note of:

  • Play your video on mute and check whether it’s understandable without sound or not
  • Choose the square resolution size for especially when you are creating videos for mobile devices as it gives better visibility & user-experience
  • Keep the font size of the subtitles large enough so that the viewers can easily follow it. 

5. People Prefer Videos over Text

There’s no doubt about the fact that written content such as blog posts, newsletters as well as ad copies build brand awareness to a great extent. But still, videos continue to lead the digital marketing space. As per a few estimates, the completion rate of video content is over 52% which means that more than half of your viewers will listen to the entire video till the end. 

If you compare it to the 75% of readers who skim through your blog posts while skipping any further action on your website or social media profile, videos provide greater advantage. 

Let’s take a look at a few facts: 

  • Videos drive 300% more traffic while generating leads
  • Around 50% of the internet users watch a video before visiting the store to buy a product
  • 85% of consumers prefer watching more video content from brands
  • 50% of users aged between 18-34 claim that they would stop doing other work to watch a video from their favourite content creator
  • 64% of consumers will buy a product after watching its videos on a social networking site

Although the above data justifies the importance of video marketing, it doesn’t prove that text or written content doesn’t work well for brand promotion. But it’s always wiser to utilize video content as a reinforcement for optimizing content at other places. 

For instance, if your product or service has a landing page of its own, it’s better to supplement an ad copy as well as descriptions with an explainer video. This gives more chances to the consumers to get informed about your products or offers. 

Here are Some More Important Video Marketing Statistics: 

  • A website or webpage is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results if it includes a video
  • Your conversion rate will boost upto 80% if you add a video to your landing page
  • The organic search traffic of a website is increased by 157% if you include videos to it 

6. Live Videos are Gaining More Popularity

The ongoing pandemic has forced all of us to move almost every facet of our lives to an online format. In 2020, the demand for more webinars & live videos increased on different social media platforms

Live Video

However, if you wonder how users responded to this change? Then you must know that users have welcomed it quite positively. And according to few statistics, users engage 3 times more with live videos than other types of video content. Not to mention live videos generate 6 times more interactions in the form of likes and comments. You must know that: 

  • Around 79% of users say that live videos offer a more authentic experience
  • Whereas 63% of users say that watching content creators & brands host live videos adds a human connection to the entire experience

Live videos work extremely well for businesses as these establish trust with their potential customers. So, marketers mustn’t miss out on the chance of running a live session every now & then on different social media platforms.  

Live videos are useful if brands want to launch new products or services, or hold Q&A sessions while addressing their followers’ concerns. 


The two final video marketing statistics for social media are: 

  • As per HubSpot, 71% of users watch more video content than they used to watch a year ago
  • Around 83% of marketers would start relying more on a video as a digital marketing strategy if there were no limitations with respect to time, budget and resources. 

So they are top Social Media Video Stats 2021. All the above statistics conclude that videos are here to stay and video content is versatile enough to meet all kinds of a brand’s requirements. Additionally, all types of video content prove beneficial in some or another way for different marketing purposes. So, next time you consider posting a video on your brand’s social media account, make sure you keep all the above statistics in mind. 

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