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Sqribble Commercial Review 2021:

Sqribble Commercial Review 2021. In this digital era, eBooks are taking the place of physical books. People turn their smell of the pages into a design of the eBook. Reading a simple, black and white eBook is very annoying to
read rather than reading a physical book.

To upgrade this situation, Sqribble Commercial Review, a cloud-based eBook creator studio, has allowed the author for making their eBook more interactive. As per the Statistica report, the user penetration of the eBook reader will be 13.9% in 2021. And it is expected to hit 14.9% by 2025. You’ll amaze to know that The average revenue per user (ARPU) from an eBook reader is expected to amount to US$15.34.

So, in this article, we will look into the most creative eBook creator tool known as Sqribble.

What is Sqribble for:

Sqribble is a cloud-based tool that helps to create user interactive and well-crafted eBooks
easily. It comes with drag-n-drop designing features and ready-made templates. That helps to
make a creative and user interactive eBook.

The man behind the Sqribble eBook creator studio is MR. ADEEL CHOWDHRY, is an internet
marketer, entrepreneur. Mr. Adeel is known for creating high-quality solutions like Pixel studio
FX is other than Sqribble.

What does Sqribble work:

Sqribble is an easy-to-use and powerful eBook creator studio. This tool is a savior for every
individual, professional, and freelancer. Sqribble has a lot of premium eBook templates that help
to design a user interactive eBook. Sqribble Commercial Review.

Grabbing user attention and interacting with them while reading an eBook is very important for
an author. An author is always trying to simplify their context visually to the user. That’s why
Sqribble comes into the place.

Features of Sqribble eBook Creator studio:

If you want to start creating an eBook from zero, this Sqribble eBook creator studio helps you
out from the scribble. It has 50 templates that cover 15 different niches.

If you want to start writing about Technology, Select your niche Technology. It shows
recommended template for you.

Select your favorable template and you can easily view that content several times. Once you
are satisfied, start writing within their block. Sqribble Commercial Review. Your designing part has completed Finally!

What to do after selecting a template on Sqribble eBook Creator Studio:

● Grab from a URL

●Let’s think, you are a beginner or don’t have professional writing skills, but you have read an
informative article. And you want to make an eBook of that article.

●Grab from the URL option will help you out. After selecting the template, go to the Grab from
the URL section and put that URL. Now, this Sqribble eBook creator studio tool generates a
crafted design eBook. That’s why Sqribble Commercial Review is increasing.

● Start from scratch. You can start writing content from the ground level like writing on a word. Later on, you can
change the design, color, fonts, and background as per your choice.

● Automatic content creation:

Sqribble has an interesting option to use the content from their content library section. There is a lot of private content from different authors available. Read every content and insert your preferred content on the eBook.

This functionally is a very time-saver, isn’t it?

● Upload Word File:

If you have already written content on your word file, you can simply import that content on this
Sqribble. And it will automatically reallocate its contents into your eBook.

● A design like a pro:

Sqribble eBook creator studio gives a dedicated space for designing eBooks with creativity. In
that section you can easily edit, create content, moving text, resize pictures, adding graphs and
charts, and a lot more functionality to attractive your eBook.

● Client management dashboard:

If you are a freelancer or have an agency, this tool gives an extra power to manage your clients
easily. In the client management tool, you can invite your client to check or revision their eBook.
And also, give their suggestion on that eBook.

Other Additional features are available on this Sqribble eBook creator studio:

● Automatic table of contents creation

● Automatic headers and footers design

● Automatic pagination design

● Add or delete pages

● Easy to use, Drag and drop design

● Add your media from local storage

● 300+ Google Fonts

● 50 eBook templates (covering 15 different niches)

● 10 different eBook themes (1 click changes the color scheme of a book)

● Managing clients’ eBook

● Dedicated client management dashboard. Plans and Pricing of Sqribble.

The base version of this tool comes with a discounted price of $67 (Normally $197). If you enter
“NY2021” coupon code during checkout, this Sqribble eBook content creator will cost around
$24. Best Sqribble Commercial Review of ebook creator studio.

This is the price of the base version of the product. There are some premium content, add-ons,
and templates that will be available if you can buy them later.

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Pros of Sqribble eBook creation tool:

● It is easy to use, and a glitch-free eBook creation tool.

● You’ll get unlimited commercial uses.

● Professional page design.

● Get 50+ eBook templates.
Cons of Sqribble eBook creation tool:

● Need to pay for unlocking 3D book & Flipbook features.

Overall Verdict:

So, there is no doubt about the Sqribble eBook content creation tool. It is a very useful tool for
the eBook creator and an eBook publisher.

There are a lot of eBook creation tools available on the market. But Sqribble has some unique
features like content creation, unlimited eBook creation, ready-made templates that give an
extra chance to standing out from the crowd. Sqribble Commercial Review.

Sqribble is here to increase your creativity along with your productivity. What’s your opinion?

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