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Welcome to Digi Rater. By using any of our services and website, you are agreeing to fulfill and to be bound by some terms and conditions. Thus, before using our site, please read the below mentioned terms and conditions carefully. And in case if you are not agreeing with these terms and conditions, then do not use our website. But if you are using then we will consider it that you agree with these terms and conditions.

Let us first tell you that, in these terms and conditions, the term, “Digi rater”, “we”, “our”, “us” refers to Digi rater and the term “you” refers to the users, customer, and viewer of our website.

Acceptance of agreement

This terms and conditions agreement establishes the complete agreement between you and us. If you are using our website and services, then it is compulsory for you to agree with the terms and conditions that are outlined in this. You must agree with the representations, understandings in regard to the site, the content provided by or through the site. We can amend this agreement from time to time without notifying you. Thus, before using our website, it is important for you to first read these terms and conditions and agree with that and then use our website.


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Limited license, permitted uses

You are allowed for a non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable license for some activities which are mentioned below. Thus, have a look at them:

Restriction and prohibitions on use

Your license for use of the site and the content, document, image, or any other information is subject to some restrictions and prohibitions on use. These prohibitions and restrictions are mentioned below:

No legal advice or attorney-client relationship

The information available through the site is not planned to constitute legal advice, mediation, and recommendation under any situation. We do not guarantee the completeness, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in the site. The information you are using on the site is totally your risk.

Linking to the site

You may provide links to the site and you may share our link to the sites provided:

Error, corrections and changes

We do not warrant or signify that the site will be free of viruses, error-free, or other harmful elements, or any kind of defects will be resolved. Our team does not guarantee or signify that the data, content, document, and other things present on the website will be accurate, correct, timely, or have any reliability for you. We can change the functionality, features, or content present on the website at any moment of time.

Third party content

We are not responsible for any mistakes, misstatements of law, obscenity, pornography or profanity in the statements, opinions, omissions, falsehood, representations or any other form of content of third party content present on the Site. This third party content may be accessible with the help of links from the site.

Unlawful activity

We converse the right to examine complaints or reported violations of these terms and conditions and to take a strict action we believe appropriate. But keep this thing in your mind that our action is not restricted to report any doubtful activity to the law enforcement regulators, officials or any other 3rd party and leaking any data necessary to people directing to your profile, usage history, email addresses, IP addresses, posted materials and traffic data.

Use of information

We reserve all the rights and you permit us to use all the information present on the site or regarding the Site used by you in any manner consistent with our privacy policy. If any of your information provided by us discloses to any other user then we are not responsible for that as we use your information only for the enhancement of the delivery in the future and to customize the site according to your interest. Due to this, you are responsible for the material that you are submitting to us and you have full responsibility for the message including its reliability, originality, legality, copyright, and appropriateness.

Privacy policy

It is your responsibility to first read our privacy policy before using our website and its services as the use of our website will be considered as the agreeing of the privacy policy. And let us inform you that this privacy policy and the terms and conditions can be changed from time to time. Thus, read it carefully before, using any of the services or sites.