The Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

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The Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

Twitter is a great marketing and promotional app for people interested in reaching a broad audience if they use it efficiently. It boasts about 300million active users monthly, with the ability to have followers who are interested in engaging with your brand or content. It’s easy to manage a list of people you follow on the social network if they are few, but as your account grows, you may need to remove inactive accounts and bots. Bots are ghost twitter accounts that follow and unfollow Twitter accounts. And to remove these fake twitter accounts or inactive accounts, you will need a Twitter Unfollow Tool. A twitter unfollow tool is a software that helps you manage followers, unfollow accounts, schedule posts, and monitor engagements.

Here are a list of twitter account management tools that you can use to manage Twitter accounts that you follow that aren’t following back.


Crowdfire, formally known as justunfollow, is a Twitter management app used by brands, businesses, and individuals to get rid of twitter accounts that do not follow you and thus can keep your account clean. The software is also available on android and IOS devices apps to help you clean your twitter accounts at your convenience. It has a feature that enables you to keep track of people mentioning you and know who to follow and unfollow. For free, you get access to one account, and for the pro plan, you get access to more amazing features.


Circleboom is a social media account management software that focuses on Twitter account management. It helps people support and grows their Twitter accounts by providing tools, including follow tools, unfollow tools, RSS feeds feature, scheduled posts, and show data analytics. It’s available on mobile devices.

Circleboom has a Follow module that helps users identify new followers based on individual preferences, tags, and filters. It’s unfollow module helps you identify fake accounts and inactive accounts with a whitelist feature


The Iunfollow tool for twitter is the most straightforward unfollow tool, and the software is free to use. Still, it is limited to 50 unfollows per day, for those who wish to use the pro version will be provided with unlimited follow features, unfollow and whitelisting. It’s great for businesses and individuals who want to start twitter marketing.

Unfollowers stat

Unfollower Stats is one of the best free Twitter unfollower tools for twitter; it’s a complete tool for twitter management. With a unique user interface, mute and unmute features make it better than other Tools. With just a single click you can easily unfollow accounts that don’t follow back

Other unfollow tools for twitter include Tweepi, Crowdfire, TwitterKarma, Socialbro, who unfollowed me and Managefilter.
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