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Video Animation Apps for Android/iPhone/iPad to use in 2021 

List of free video animation apps. Here you will find the list of top video animation apps for android, iPhone, iPad. With the accessibility of a wide range of video animation apps, drawing or painting is no longer restricted to artists. If you are done using bulky animation software on PC, video animation apps are a more hassle-free choice. Animation apps can help you create professional & eye-catching animated videos and films in just a few simple steps. All it takes is a little knowledge and you are good to go. 

Animation apps provide animators the opportunity to create stunning animations on their smartphones or tablets. In this article, we will take you on a tour of some of the best video animation apps to use on Android, iPhone, and iPad in 2021. 

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Best Animations Apps for Android 

1. Animate It

Animate It

Whether you wish to draw sketches or mannequin poses, Animate It is the best animation app for Android for creating animated videos on your mobile phone or tablet. The app is used by students, gamers, and even professionals or individuals. The app comes with different kits which are useful for different types of animations such as hand-drawn animated movies. 

The app also guides the users by providing a range of animation tips, technical tips, creative ideas, etc. 


  • Create, customize and edit characters & scenes
  • It allows you to select skins & characters
  • Allows you to edit up to 32 keyframes in every clip as well as up to 20 files 
  • Offers tools like reset, pose, mirroring and copy
  • Create buildings and choose from a selection of props 

2. Stick Draw 

Stick Draw

Stick Draw is the best animation app for Android that allows you to use your fingers for drawing on your smartphone. You just have to begin with each frame while moving to the next after saving. The Stick Draw cartoon maker application allows creators to create stop-motion animated videos or stick figures. 


  • Offers a variety of graphics like circle, rectangle, line, freeform, etc
  • High-end copy-paste tools 
  • You can draw with hands
  • Simple interface
  • You can use background images 
  • Export files in formats like MP4 & GIFs

3. Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter is a video animation app that lets you create frame-by-frame animations using a touch-screen interface. For instance, it offers a wide selection of props like arrows, bows, swords which can create an animated video of the battle. 


  • Different types of props for creating different effects
  • Lets you edit videos frame-by-frame 
  • Lets you modify the size & colour of various objects
  • Save & share with other users 
Stick Fighter

Best Animation Apps for iPhone 

4. Animation Desk

Animation Desk is one of the best animation apps for iPhone for creating sketches, storyboards, and pencil test animated videos using frame-by-frame animation techniques. You can also use images, videos as well as PSD layers for creating attractive animations using this application. 


  • Over 46 brush options 
  • Variety of import & export formats
  • You can add music to your videos
  • Allows rotoscoping and transformation of videos into line drawing 
  • Supports integration of Apple pencils
  • 16:9 & 3:4 export video screen ratio

5. FlipaClip


Create interesting cartoon characters and animations using FlipaClip while exploring your creativity using the frame-by-frame animation technique. One of the best animation apps for iPhone, FlipaClip is nothing but a school flipbook with a modern twist. The application offers some of the best tools for animating, sketching, as well as storyboarding. 


  • The app allows you to add videos & draw on it
  • Supports a wide range of formats including IMAGE, SEQ & GIF
  • Allows sharing videos on social media sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube
  • Offers several layers for drawing 
  • Allows you to add text in different fonts
  • Grid overlay drawing 

Best Animation Apps for iPad

6. Animation Desk Classic 

Animation Desk Classic is the best animation app for iPad as it allows animators to create excellent hand-drawn images. It is a perfect choice for exploring your creative side in a short duration of time. 


  • Allows you to add shapes, motion backgrounds, graphics, stickers, etc
  • Offers tools to cut, copy and paste 
  • Allows you to add music tracks as well as recordings 
  • Offers pigment cans 

7. Animation & Drawing by Do Ink

A powerful best animation tool, Animation & Drawing by Do Ink is ranked among the best animation apps for iPad. This works extremely well for beginners while letting them be more creative. 


  • Offers a vast selection of tools like powerful vector, geometric shape, along with Bezier curve editing option
  • Allows you to adjust frame rates
  • You can create Flipbook-style animations 
  • Offers a selection of reusable art props 
  • Allows you to draw motion paths by simply dragging your finger 
  • Allows free-hand drawing with tools such as fill, pen, pencil, brush, etc

8. Animation Creator HD

Animation Creator HD

Animation Creator HD is a combination of the best video animation app and an excellent drawing app to use on an iPad. This application is a superb choice for creating attractive animations as it offers a selection of drawing tools, color options as well as frame management. 


  • Offers a large selection of animations & frames
  • Offers retina quality along with high frame-rate playback
  • Robust drawing tools 
  • Supports cineverse browsing
  • Create livelier animations 
  • Easy frame management 

9. Tellagami 

Tellagami is a free video animation app for iPad users. It is mainly designed for students & teachers for creating reports, solving mathematical problems, and learning lessons. Tellagami allows students to create their own customized animated characters that speak recorded audio or a piece of text. 

Tellagami excellently helps students who lack social skills. 


  • Allows you to choose & customize your character’s skin tone, placement, mood, etc
  • You can place a custom character on a custom background 
  • Animated characters can speak or present an idea or story
  • Offers options for custom backgrounds like a classroom, a digital postcard, etc

10. Animoto 

Animoto is another one of the best animation software apps that helps in creating eye-catching videos in just a few simple steps. Using this software, you can tell a story through an animated video to inspire, educate, entertain and engage your audience. 

Animoto is widely used for creating attractive promotional videos and video newsletters by using a combination of text, images, and videos. 


  • Create attractive slideshows by arranging multimedia elements for storytelling 
  • Offers more than 50 different video styles and a built-in music library full of hundreds of sound tracks 
  • Allows uploading of videos or images from your computer 
  • You can import videos or pictures from different social platforms to use in your animations 
  • Offers a wide selection of stock photos & video clips to make your animation a visually-appealing one 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to add animation in an Android app? 

Animation adds visual signals for notifying users about anything happening in an application. These are particularly useful when the user interface of an app changes, in notifying when new features or content is added. They also provide a polished look & feel to an application. Use the best video editing software for making this animation.

Android offers a variety of animation APIs which you can use depending on the type of animation you wish to create. You can animate bitmaps, layout changes, UI visibility, etc. in your application. 

2. Which is the best app for animation? 

You can select any of the above video animation apps to create attractive animated videos on your smartphone, as per your requirements. However, the best video animation app to use on Android, iPhone, or iPad are Animate It, Stick Fighter, Animation Desk, Animoto, Animation Creator HD, and Animation & Drawing by Do Ink. 


Animation plays an important role in the video marketing strategy. You must know the right video animation app to create beautiful animated videos whenever you wish to. With the advent of different video animation applications, you don’t always require a computer to create an animation. There is numerous video animation app available on the internet to explore your creativity and create stunning animations, whether it’s on Android, iPhone, or iPad. You just have to download & install these apps on your mobile phones or tablets. 

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